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Electricity is one of the greatest human discoveries, continuously transforming the lives of billions of people across the world.  The way we make, move and use electricity relies many different forms of technology, some of which have not fundamentally changed in a hundred years.  This is a problem, because we are asking our electricity system to respond to new economic and environmental challenges.

Countries around the world share an aspiration to decarbonise their economies and produce cleaner forms of energy.  It is important this is achieved at the lowest cost so that the transformative benefits of electricity can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Renewable energy has a critical role to play.  Yet existing electricity systems are constrained by the amount of variable renewable energy they can tolerate.  Ever increasing loads of wind and solar energy can drive up costs and stretch the technical limits of the network.

The Faraday solution provides a truly unique response that promises a cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy system.  It is different from other solutions that may provide incremental improvements or attempt to replace the entire electricity system and start again.

The Faraday Grid stands on the shoulders of giants, by reinventing and reimagining electricity at its most fundamental principles.

Faraday Grid Ltd are developing an entirely new technology, the Faraday Exchanger, to address short term volatility and frequency, which when deployed across the electricity grid will create a Faraday Grid, enabling significantly greater integration of renewable energy; increased grid stability; as well as contributing to reduced cost of energy for consumers.

On 12th December 2017, we demonstrated live our prototype of the Faraday Exchanger.

the enabling technology for a new energy platform


EMERGENT transactional platform

Allows any supported device or agent to participate in the trading of energy.

Solves intermittence - by meeting supply and demand via price signalling.

Runs as a software protocol over the top of the Faraday Grid.

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Faraday GRID is the ultimate smart grid

Lifts the tolerance of the grid for renewables and variable, distributed energy sources.

Solves short term volatility, has its own inertia.

Is a network of Faraday Exchangers across electricity distribution.

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faraday exchanger

Acts as an autonomous system node, like a router in the internet.

Solves bi-directional power flow; is the underpinning technology for the Faraday Grid and Emergent Transactional Platform.

Is located in the network at any point of connection.

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