We created Faraday Grid Limited (FGL) to make fundamental improvements to the energy system to meet the rapidly changing demands of modern society.  From the beginning, we set out to design a smart engineering solution, known as the Faraday Grid, that would specifically:

  • increase a grid’s capacity to integrate much more renewable energy in the generation mix
  • improve network stability and provide greater electricity system resilience to cyber-attack
  • ultimately reduce the cost of energy for consumers

We do this through a unique approach to systems design and a world-class design capability from our base in Edinburgh, where our team takes advantage of Scotland’s deep heritage in physics and electrical engineering to bring the Faraday Grid to life.

FGL has re-imagined the way electricity grids work by creating new technology that replaces the traditional transformer – we call it the Faraday Exchanger.

Grid managers will soon be able to add significantly higher proportions of renewable energy into their energy mix than is possible today, because the Faraday Exchanger can manage the dual problem of intermittence and volatility of supply that currently inhibits existing grid systems.

Faraday Grid Ltd has developed and owns patents for the Faraday Exchanger and Faraday Grid, as well as co- developing and owning patents for the Emergent transactional platform.