Electricity Generation – Wind Turbine

Existing wind power generation systems require the use of complex combinations of gearboxes, electricity generators and variable frequency and voltage converters to match the turbine output to the electricity network. This makes the capital cost of wind turbines significantly more expensive per MW when compared to fossil fuel generation.

Faraday Exchangers can eliminate much of this complexity and associated cost by providing a single technology replacement solution that connects simpler AC generators directly to the grid without additional components. Faraday Exchangers also eliminate the need for additional power factor compensation equipment demanded by the electricity network operator to guarantee stable network connection.

Network Integration

Electricity network regulation and stability issues currently limit wind turbine generation due to dynamic response in voltage and power management. Faraday Exchangers can provide levels of dynamic response to deliver network stability under a much wider range of operating conditions than present grid technologies. This will increase the amount of electricity generated by each turbine that can be used in the grid.

Electricity Consumption – Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles are still in their infancy as a technology, however are expected to demand an ever increasing share of the Light Vehicle market. There are still a number of different drive architectures being investigated and produced using various types and quantities of electric motors. As a minimum all Electric Vehicles are charged using mains AC electricity, have battery energy storage and electric motors to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. Every Electric Vehicle also has at least two converters, one to charge the battery and one as part of driving the wheels.


One of the major technical requirements for Electric Vehicles is efficiency, often quantified as the range of the vehicle. The performance and energy density of the batteries used in an Electric Vehicle are eminent to this, however energy is also lost through the electrical items throughout the drivetrain. Improving the efficiency of the drivetrain through replacing converters with Faraday Exchangers will increase the overall efficiency of the vehicle, and allow a further distance to be travelled using the same batteries.


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