Faraday Grid Ltd are developing an entirely new technology, the Faraday Exchanger, to address short term volatility and frequency, which when deployed across the electricity grid will enable significantly greater integration of renewable energy; increased grid stability and resilience to cyber attack; as well as contributing to reduced cost of energy for consumers.

In late 2017 we will launch our at scale prototype of the Faraday Exchanger.

the Faraday GRID is Not another smart grid

The Faraday Grid is an autonomous, responsive, electrical meta-network, agnostic to generation and consumption, with its own inertia, enabling more productive, resilient and stable electricity transfer.

Put more simply, it is the network effect of the deployment of multiple Faraday Exchangers throughout an electricity network.

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the faraday exchanger: more than simply a "smart transformer"

The Faraday Exchanger is a single hardware device designed to address volatility at sub-second level.

It is a managed, high speed, power flow control device that dynamically maintains target voltage, frequency and power factor efficiently over a range of operation.

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Watch our video below explaining the concept and role of the Faraday Exchanger: