Faraday Grid is dedicated to systems design that enables human choice, because we believe human prosperity can only be sustained through increasing individuals' freedom to choose.

We design by first principles, not by precedence. We apply our method called Design by Rationalised Constraint to solve critical systems.

The company was formed from the desire to solve global challenges facing our society and environment.

Current electricity distribution networks are under mounting strain to balance affordable and reliable energy while integrating variable renewable energy sources. The Faraday Grid is the rebalancing and reimagination of electricity grids via our unique deep tech IP – the Faraday Exchanger and the Faraday Grid.

Faraday GRID a 5th box solution

The Faraday Grid is an autonomous, responsive, electrical meta-network, agnostic to generation and consumption, with its own inertia, enabling more productive, resilient and stable electricity transfer.

It's a "5th Box" solution that enables the other 4 popular tech solutions currently in existence.

 The other 4 Boxes?

the faraday exchanger: more than simply a "smart transformer"

The Faraday Exchanger is a single device designed to address all electric energy conversion needs. It is a managed, high speed, power flow control device that dynamically maintains target voltage, frequency and power factor efficiently over a range of operation.

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Watch our video below explaining the concept and role of the Faraday Exchanger: