Public Submissions and White Papers


Ofgem RIIO  2 Framework Consultation

1 May 2018

In their response, Faraday Grid urges the incentivisation of fundamental network-wide solutions as opposed to seeking out incremental mitigating technologies providing only temporary relief from network-wide pressures.

Read the Faraday Grid’s response here as submitted on 1 May to OFGEM.  


Third Party Validation of the Faraday Exchanger

1 May 2018

Employing the key findings from PNDC validation report, this whitepaper (PDF) by Jagadeesh Gunda summarises the capabilities of the Faraday Grid technology.


Faraday Exchanger Benefits - High Voltage Network Simulation

9 February 2018

This white paper demonstrates the key technical and economic benefits of the Faraday Exchanger (FE), a Faraday Grid (FG) technology through results obtained from detailed simulations on numerous electrical networks from various countries.

Download the White Paper by Jagadeesh Gunda HERE