The faraday exchanger

The Faraday Exchanger is a single device designed to address all electric energy conversion needs. It is a managed, high speed, power flow control device that dynamically maintains target voltage, frequency and power factor efficiently over a range of operation.

  • A single device dynamically and autonomously controls power flow with an efficiency, reliability and speed not previously achievable
  • Operates in isolation, interacting with only the network it is directly connected to. Each device will autonomously manage its immediate network area to maintain a stable power flow and efficiently manage the volatility inherent to renewable generation
  • The underlying fundamental principles of the design mean that it is scalable for use in transmission and distribution networks at any voltage and frequency
  • Directly replaces transformers in the existing electricity grid. It’s design allows incremental deployment
  • The Faraday Exchanger design enables the existing grid to evolve into the Faraday Grid without disruption to the system or its consumers.

The Faraday Exchanger is complementary with both existing distribution networks and other technologies, providing improved performance and efficiency whilst being commercially cheaper than the technologies it replaces.


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