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We are looking for a Research Analyst Engineer to join our world-class team in our Edinburgh office on a full-time basis. The person fulfilling this role will deliver scientific research, data acquisition and analysis that will directly inform the Chief Technology Officer & Chief Evangelist in his operations.

The Chief Technology Officer & Chief Evangelist attends business-critical meetings with key stakeholders, and has frequent, high-profile public appearances. To support a successful performance and the accomplishment of critical responsibilities, the Research Analyst Engineer will provide a solid knowledge-base of industry trends, news, and recent research.

Additionally, the Research Analyst Engineer will research and analyse technologies and companies to support the CTO in strategic technology identification and ecosystem opportunities.

You’ll make an impact if you

  • Produce research and market insights to enhance Faradays internal knowledge base and external reputation as an authority on global energy systems.

  • Establish, manage, and become a gatekeeper of an Energy Systems Database of database outputs

  • Have a working knowledge of energy systems, with special interest in renewable energy integration, systems engineering and/or electrical engineering, power systems and electrical knowledge and design ability

  • Have a hunger to learn about emerging technologies, disruptive systems, and first-principles based design solutions

  • Have an understanding and agility necessary to undertake substantial scientific research, data acquisition, and analysis to inform high level operations

  • Have complex multi-stakeholder, multi-discipline hands on project management experience

  • Have advanced systematic and logical problem solving skills.

You will thrive if you

  • Love the energy, intensity and excitement of a fast-growing company in a sector undergoing significant transition.

  • Competently devise and evaluate methods for collecting data on key topics

  • Are ready to prepare reports, presentations and support the development of speeches for Faraday executives

  • Share insights and results in an easily digestible manner in both written and presentation format

  • Know how to prioritise and manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring timely delivery

  • Demonstrate initiative and effectively manage individual and client delivery schedules

  • Are a person who shows flexibility to adapt and adopt new roles as they emerge from changes in company, markets and technologies.

  • Will take calculated risk to achieve aggressive objectives.

  • Are self-driven, fully aware of personal responsibilities aligned to business objectives to meet commitments.

  • Are qualified to min. a  BEng / BSc Degree in Electrical / Mechatronic / Systems Engineering or equivalent

Our approach

The approach we take to develop our technology is guided by Design by Rationalised Constraint TM. This is a rigorous and exhaustive process that identifies the optimal design for a system according to the specific complex of constraints applicable to a particular intention and operation. By dynamically simulating constraints and their relationships it is possible to explore complexity and network effects and understand design implications and consequences. The intention of Design by Rationalised Constraint is to achieve a state of optimality closest to the opportunity defined by those knowable constraints that are in operation for the system of interest.

Careers at Faraday

You will be joining a diverse group of brilliant minds who will challenge you intellectually and encourage you to prosper. In addition to a competitive salary of up to £50,000, we also offer:

  • Generous holiday allowance to give you time to re-energise

  • Private medical insurance to keep you healthy

  • Life assurance for peace of mind

  • Retirement plan contributions so you can save for the future

  • Visa application and relocation support

We are proud of our diversity and committed to ensuring our opportunities are accessible to all talented people. If additional support or flexible arrangements would enable you to participate, please tell us in your application.

Successful applicants will be contacted within 2 weeks and offers of employment are subject to thorough background checking.

We are Faraday

Faraday Grid are designers of the energy ecosystem of the future. Conceived in Australia, established headquarters in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Faraday attracts leaders in the fields of technology, commerce, marketing, engineering, and supply chain to join and enable sustainable prosperity through the redesign of the electricity network, the Faraday Grid.

The Faraday Grid is the next generation in electricity networks. It allows a more efficient use of electrical energy from generation through to consumption by addressing the issue of volatility from generation sources. Asynchronous and non-dispatchable sources directly alter the nature of the network and introduce instability and inefficiency. It helps to resolve the irreconcilable tension between targets for greater renewable energy integration and the demand for reliable affordable energy.

The Faraday Grid utilises a revolutionary new technology in the Faraday Exchanger. When distributed throughout the electricity network, each Faraday Exchanger dynamically controls the power flow within its region autonomously. This allows a higher penetration of renewable energy sources and maximises grid efficiency and energy utilisation by rapidly modulating power flow to reduce noise and maintain an efficient power factor. It is an entirely new device combining several established electrical engineering principles from different fields enabling the network to continuously operate at its peak efficiency.

It is a disruptive technology of system-wide significance, and yet one that is designed to be deployable incrementally on a replacement basis. As such, the transformation is analogous to the transition of the telephone system into the internet.

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