Position Filled - Chief of Staff to the CEO

Position title: Chief of Staff

Job Purpose

Plays a key role in the company. Coordinates interface with CEO, management and stakeholders. Serves as confidante and right hand for the chief executive officer and assists other executive board members. Requires flexibility and intuition to ensure functional units are working in a synchronised fashion with the CEO’s objectives.  Speaks with the authority of the CEO and serves as a gatekeeper to ensure optimal use of diary on a daily basis.

Chief of Staff Job Duties

  • Flexible and is willing to perform varying duties depending on the shifting needs of the company and its staff members

  • Coordinates all management meetings that involve the CEO. Ensures meetings are run to schedule and with strict agenda and objectives.

  • Organises and gathers information from functional units and ensures these units are reporting relevant information to the CEO and executive management as needed to meet deadlines including Board meetings.

  • Participates and leads strategic initiatives as determined by the CEO.

  • Within strategic initiatives, demonstrates flexibility because some initiatives may not fit neatly into one of the company's functional units.

  • Helps members of the executive support staff to perform their duties to the best of their ability

  • Provides regular feedback to other staff members about how to achieve maximum performance consistent with the CEO’s objectives.

  • Provides the CEO with internal company intelligence about staff morale and how the CEO can best engage with staff.

  • Carries out other duties as necessary, which may include simple tasks such as filing and making phone calls

  • Organises a calendar and keeps track of multiple projects at the same time

  • Keeps up with industry trends by reading literature and communicating with peers

  • Acts as a representative of the chief executive officer

  • Provides a key external interface to stakeholders on behalf on the CEO. Requires direct liaison and preparation with external organisations prior to CEO meetings to ensure meeting objectives are achieved.

Chief of Staff Skills and Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree or Higher, Industry Experience, Leadership Skills and Experience, Management Skills and Experience, Strong Organisational Skills, Excellent Oral Communication, Excellent Written Communication, Presentation Skills, Teaching Skills, Extensive Company Knowledge.  IT Skills (Outlook, Word, Powerpoint).

Key Attributes:

  • Ability to work independently to a high standard

  • Very high level of personal organisation

  • Ability to coordinate competing interests and deliver outcomes acceptable to the CEO.

  • Upward management: manage the CEO to ensure they are on top of their duties on a day to day basis.

  • Ability to chair meetings

  • Note taking skills and minutes.

  • Project management skills

  • Ability to flexible to taks – no job too big or small

  • Able to have conversations that may be involve conflict or confrontation

Behavioural Traits

Decisive – when making judgements on priorities

Confident and authoritative – when liaising with internal and external people

Efficient – with time management

Effective – in delivering outcomes

Polished – in appearance and delivery of communications

Thorough – in addressing details to deliver outcomes


Remuneration: £80,000 pa.

Initial secondment for a term of 6 months, with 90 days probation period.