Applications closed - Senior Production Engineer

Job Purpose

Our entirely new systems & technologies will be extensively deployed into mission critical nodes in the electrical grid, assuring energy supply and quality for all people, businesses and institutions across multiple global regions.

Our lead senior production Engineer will ensure materials, product and production quality control at our internal and partner production processes such that delivered products are fully compliant to design engineering specifications & highest product quality standards.


  • Defining and implementing process control plans, quality control plans and product configuration control at suppliers’ operations.

  • Interfacing with Faraday design engineering, to manage new product introduction and release to mass production

  • Completing deliverables from design to production level specifications, including structured BoM.

  • Specification and set-up of any internal assembly operations.

  • Set-up of Product configuration control system and associated ECN procedures.

  • Technical assessment and qualification of suppliers.

  • Level 2 technical support of suppliers & appropriate routing for Level 3 (design) support.

  • 1st contact point for quality concern raised from customer installed base.

  • Based in Edinburgh Office with regular travel to Suppliers operations.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Will have excellent academic qualifications in Electrical-Electronic Engineering or related discipline.

  • Would expect to have 7-12years relevant experience in Transformer or Power Electronics production, product support and/or product development.

  • Will have led New Product Introductions from design release to manufacturing start.

  • Understands requirements and operation of PCBA assembly, Transformer Windings and automatic, semi-automated or manual assembly processes.

  • Experienced in managing suppliers or own manufacturing technical operations.

  • Fully conversant with Bill of Materials, ECN configuration control, quality control methodologies.

  • Excellent articulation and presentation of operations quality & technical information.

Key Attributes

  • Personable, open, inquisitive.

  • Will take calculated risk to achieve aggressive objectives.

  • Self-driven, fully aware of personal responsibilities aligned to business objectives & to meet commitments.

  • An achiever

  • Without EGO, a person who focusses all efforts to company success, where self-interest is secondary

  • A person who shows flexibility to adapt and adopt new roles as they emerge from changes in company, markets and technologies.

  • A coach, an enthusiastic guide to newly developing staff

  • Willing to shoulder responsibilities.

  • A contributor among peers, willing to shoulder the load.

Behavioural Traits

  • Team player, reliable

  • Motivated

  • Innovative and creative, does not hesitate to take initiative

  • Rational thinker

  • Open minded problem solver

  • Decisive – when making judgements on priorities

  • Confident and authoritative – when liaising with internal and external people

  • Efficient – with time management

  • Effective – in delivering outcomes

  • Polished – in appearance and delivery of communications

  • Thorough – in addressing details to deliver outcomes

Start Date: November 2018


In range of £55,000 - £65,000 per annum commensurate with skills and experience

Contract type

Full Time


Mid-Senior Level


Edinburgh, UK with regular business travel to suppliers in UK & Europe as required.

About Faraday Grid

Faraday Grid are designers of the energy ecosystem of the future. Conceived in Australia, established headquarters in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Faraday attracts leaders in the fields of technology, commerce, marketing, engineering, and supply chain to join and enable sustainable prosperity through the redesign of the electricity network, the Faraday Grid.

The Faraday Grid is the transformation from fragile generator-centric hub and spoke, to a resilient, distribution platform. It provides the common ground where the emerging energy ecosystem can be realised, connecting grid edge innovators with generators and consumers.

Countries around the world share an aspiration to decarbonise their economies and produce cleaner forms of energy. Renewable energy sources have a critical role to play, and it is important this is achieved at the lowest cost so that the transformative benefits of electricity can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Utilising existing infrastructure, the Faraday Grid is underpinned by our patented Faraday Exchanger technology, and is the foundation for the Emergent Transactional Platform; a truly scalable transactive grid for the energy market.