Applications closed - Supply Chain Partner Network Management

Position title: Supply Chain Partner Network Management

Job Purpose

From start-up to shipments on a global scale, our lead of Supply Chain Partner Network will establish agreements with exceptional suppliers of materials, products and services. These will be fully aligned toward the success of Faraday Grid business objectives through long term partnerships that in turn deliver value to all enterprise stakeholders.


Will search, qualify, and select supplier partners to be incorporated into Faraday Partner Network.

Establish the technically & commercially credible partner network that will fully support the company business plan, always in advance of need, and, on occasion, in fast response to company need.

The scope of services from the Partner Network will include design services, prototyping, Volume Manufacturing, Supply Chain services, Strategic materials, Systems & tools, Logistics, Trade, Customs, Field Service, WEEE, Regulatory support,

The partner network will demonstrate technical and operation acumen, will contribute to company growth by anticipation of our needs, willing always to improve, to innovate and be highly responsiveness to changing requirements.

The partner network will deliver quality, on-time and on-cost services, the partners will reflect our own values, highly ethical, excellence in employment practice, assured regulatory compliance, and a contributor to environmental sustainability.

The partners within the network are capable and financially stable to support large scale business volumes & value.

Will control partner contracts, pricing, performance assessment, and performance improvement objectives.

Will have control of Faraday assets & interests at suppliers, including consigned materials, IP protection, cybersecurity or any other business confidential information.

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • Will have excellent academic qualifications in Business and/or Engineering disciplines.

  • Would expect to have 10+ years relevant experience in large Power Electrical & Electronics industry

  • Would have intimate knowledge of supplier networks and extended eco system with contact at company executive levels.

  • Will have had responsibilities for supplier contracts and commercial negotiations.

  • Will be knowledgeable of Supply Systems, Customs and Trade regulations. Will have established such or significantly configured such for best industry practice.

  • Will demonstrate own business acumen, will have managed high value budgets and high value inventory optimisation.

  • Ideally will have demonstrated ability to manage the build-up of a supply network from selection thru start-up to high volume supply.

  • Comfortable with detail and strategic objectives attainment, no item is too small or too large.

Personal Characteristics sought of all employees.

  • A person that reflects and contributes to the enrichment of our company values;

  • Personable, open, inquisitive

  • Will take calculated risk to achieve aggressive objectives

  • Self-driven, fully aware of personal responsibilities aligned to business objectives & to meet commitments

  • An achiever

  • Without EGO, a person who focusses all efforts to company success, where self-interest is secondary

  • A person who shows flexibility to adapt and adopt new roles as they emerge from changes in company, markets, and technologies

  • A coach, an enthusiastic guide to newly developing staff

  • Willing to shoulder responsibilities

  • A contributor among peers, willing to shoulder the load

Start date

October 2018


Up to £90k per annum commensurate with skills and experience


Permanent - Full Time


Edinburgh, UK


About Faraday Grid Limited (Faraday)

Faraday Grid are designers of the energy ecosystem of the future. Conceived in Australia, established headquarters in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Faraday attracts leaders in the fields of technology, commerce, marketing, engineering, and supply chain to join and enable sustainable prosperity through the redesign of the electricity network, the Faraday Grid.

The Faraday Grid is the transformation from fragile generator-centric hub and spoke, to a resilient, distribution platform. It provides the common ground where the emerging energy ecosystem can be realised, connecting grid edge innovators with generators and consumers.

Countries around the world share an aspiration to decarbonise their economies and produce cleaner forms of energy. Renewable energy sources have a critical role to play, and it is important this is achieved at the lowest cost so that the transformative benefits of electricity can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Utilising existing infrastructure, the Faraday Grid is underpinned by our patented Faraday Exchanger technology, and is the foundation for the Emergent Transactional Platform; a truly scalable transactive grid for the energy market.