At Faraday Grid, we have reimagined the energy system to be fit for the future.

Consider the grid as a true platform for smart cities, electric vehicles and domestic prosumers competing as suppliers of energy. The grid as a decentralised network that ties together the physics and economics of electricity. The grid as an endless platform for permissionless innovation, providing clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Current energy grids date back over a century when power was generated by a small number of large, fossil-fuel power stations. But the world has changed, and the ways that energy is made and used have evolved.

More and more renewables entering the grid, in parallel with the changing energy demand of household and business consumers, means the grid must adapt to increase energy security and keep costs as low as possible.

The Faraday Grid is our system architecture that can deliver power from anywhere to anyone across the grid. It provides a common platform enabling a wide variety of technologies and solutions to connect and transact.

Made up of Faraday Exchangers – our patent protected, independently-verified ‘plug and play’ devices that dynamically balance and smooth power flowing across the energy system – a Faraday Grid gradually transforms a traditional electricity network to deliver a more resilient system and lower energy costs.

The Faraday Grid is the foundation for the Emergent Transactional Platform; a truly scalable transactive grid for the energy market.

the faraday exchanger

On 12th December 2017, we demonstrated live our prototype of the Faraday Exchanger.

The Faraday Exchanger addresses short term volatility, dynamically managing voltage and power factor, and removing harmonics. Deploying Exchangers across the electricity grid will enable significantly greater capacity to integrate renewable energy; increase grid stability; and contribute to reduced cost of energy for consumers. 

See the performance of the Exchanger HERE.

In March 2019, we held a live demonstration of a 3-phase Faraday Exchanger at our US Launch event in Washington D.C. and gave an insight into the energy system of the future, enabled by the Faraday Grid.

the enabling technology for a new energy platform


EMERGENT transactional platform

Allows any supported device or agent to participate in the trading of energy.

Solves intermittence - by meeting supply and demand via price signalling.

Runs as a software protocol over the top of the Faraday Grid.

Learn more HERE


Faraday GRID is the ultimate smart grid

Lifts the tolerance of the grid for renewables and variable, distributed energy sources.

Solves short term volatility, has its own inertia.

Is a network of Faraday Exchangers across electricity distribution.

Find out more HERE


faraday exchanger

Acts as an autonomous system node, like a router in the internet.

Solves bi-directional power flow; is the underpinning technology for the Faraday Grid and Emergent Transactional Platform.

Is located in the network at any point of connection.

Learn more HERE

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