Faraday Grid presentation at NEIS 2018

Faraday Grid is proud to be an active contributor of groundbreaking research for the energy community. Senior Engineer, Jagadeesh Gunda recently presented some of his original findings at the Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems – NEIS 2018 in Hamburg.

Jagadeesh’s research examines the Faraday technology’s robust solution to power quality issues. The results presented in Hamburg are detailed in the white paper, titled Mitigations of Voltage Sags and Swells by the Faraday Exchanger, and are summarised in the conference poster below.

The widespread use of various electronic equipment resulted in a range of power quality issues, which is becoming of critical concern as these issues are currently compensated for in a costly and ineffective way.

This particular experiment demonstrated one of the Faraday Exchanger device’s many capabilities: it showed that the Exchanger does not only limit the effects of voltage sags and swells but also assists downstream equipment in riding through voltage disturbances.

The unique IP, developed by Faraday Grid offers a comprehensive, systemic solution to the growing vulnerabilities of electricity systems dealing with changes, for which they were not designed. To learn more about the robust Faraday solution, have a read of some of our white papers.