Introducing the world’s first Faraday Grid in London

The Faraday Grid is thrilled to announce the deployment of its revolutionary technology in London, one of the world’s most sophisticated electricity networks. The agreement will see the world’s first Faraday Grid utilised in a live network from early 2019 in partnership with the UK’s most innovative distribution network operator UK Power Networks, which characterised Faraday’s technology as ‘transformational.’

As Faraday Grid expands through the rest of the UK and beyond, it promises to unlock new frontiers in innovation and underpin the sustainable welfare of generations to come.

Reliable and affordable electricity has been enabling growth since it became accessible: lifted millions out of poverty, drastically improved living conditions, and empowered unthinkable technological advancements. However, the system built to make this possible, the electricity grid has not evolved in its fundamental structure since its invention.

Evidence shows that continuing to push the physical limits of the existing grid architecture will inevitably lead to a crashing point. We cannot risk reliability and affordability of electricity, one of the most essential inputs to our lives. To enable further prosperity, the grid – the central nervous system of our economy – needs a revolution.

That is exactly what we have been working on at Faraday Grid. We are employing a team of the best engineers, mathematicians, and economists of the world who work with our unique design methodology and advanced simulation technology. Our aim from the beginning: to create the robust energy platform that will realise our future economic and environmental goals, to empower further, sustainable prosperity for our society.

The Faraday Grid is truly a game changer. It arises from a network of Faraday Exchangers, an entirely new category of power-flow device, at strategic locations in the existing grid. This way, the Faraday Grid balances the power flows of the fine-tuned electricity grid on a systemic level.

It is an inherently flexible system that embraces variability and volatility in generation and demand – should that come in the form of growing demands of electric vehicles or AI, intermittent wind-turbines, or excess energy from millions of residential rooftop solar panels all over the world.

We created the Faraday Grid to be ready to accommodate our ever-changing needs so we can integrate more renewable energy and evolving technologies, without the excessive balancing costs. In its design, we worked out the only way to resolve the physical and economical challenges of the electricity system simultaneously.

It is with great pride we now announce that the world’s first Faraday Grid will be set up in London, through our agreement with UK Power Networks. For Faraday, a business of pioneering vision, it is key that our partners share our aspiration to spark the change needed for a prosperous energy future.

UK Power Networks recognises that it is time multi-highway, intelligent energy platforms take the place of hub-and-spoke distribution systems. Platforms that enable an ecosystem of emerging technologies and create a robust foundation for affordable, sustainable, and smart energy systems.

Reimagining the London grid will be the first stage of this revolution. Early next year, Faraday Grid and UK Power Networks will begin the live deployment of Faraday Exchangers in the London distribution network. The sophistication of this grid will facilitate the demonstration of the range of capabilities of the Exchanger devices and the Faraday Grid under a variety of conditions.

A city that has many times been the epicentre of historic progress, London will lead the way in realising the benefits of the Faraday Grid and launch this profound energy transition – and we are ready for the rest of the world to follow.