Introducing the energy system of the future to Washington DC

Our society has great aspirations for the future. As progress accelerates in every area of our lives, so does the energy system – the very underpinning of our economy – transition as well.

We see new, pioneering solutions on the horizon of energy generation: new types of energy sources distributed across the system, more players in competition and contribution to the market in an increasingly democratized way.

On the consumer side, we see exciting new inventions, more digital devices, electrification and AI shaping the way forward for energy.

However, all of this buzzing innovation is inherently limited by the capabilities of the system underpinning it all – the electricity grid. The grid we have in place was designed for one-way, rigid delivery to serve our energy needs a hundred years ago but these energy needs are very different today and will change rapidly in the future.

The current network is proving to be seriously outdated – the only reason it can still fulfil its function of delivering power in a reliable way is because system operators are under pressure to invest more and more into expensive band-aid technologies that hold it together.

An energy future shaped by evolving innovation cannot be not be realized while relying on a grid that is fundamentally no longer fit-for-purpose.

If we want a decarbonized and affordable electricity system, we need generation coming from a great variety of sources and a system open for participation. But we must maintain the reliability of the very system that is the underpinning and driver of prosperity of our entire society. To achieve this, the energy system needs a revolution.

On March 28 we introduced our vision for the energy system of the future to the American people. See the video from the launch here.