Public Submissions and White Papers


Resolution of Voltage Swells by the Faraday Exchanger

27 June

To demonstrate the voltage swell-resolution capability of the Faraday Exchanger compared to a transformer, the Faraday team conducted laboratory experiments. For a thorough review and analysis, read this white paper (PDF). 


Faraday Grid Benefits - A New York State Viewpoint

13 June 2018

Read Jagadeesh Guda’s white paper (PDF) that documents the techno-economic implications of the Faraday Grid technology in specific to the New York state electricity grid.


Ofgem RIIO  2 Framework Consultation

1 May 2018

In their response, Faraday Grid urges the incentivisation of fundamental network-wide solutions as opposed to seeking out incremental mitigating technologies providing only temporary relief from network-wide pressures.

Read the Faraday Grid’s response here as submitted on 1 May to OFGEM.  


Third Party Validation of the Faraday Exchanger

1 May 2018

Employing the key findings from PNDC validation report, this whitepaper (PDF) by Jagadeesh Gunda summarises the capabilities of the Faraday Grid technology.


Faraday Exchanger Benefits - High Voltage Network Simulation

9 February 2018

This white paper demonstrates the key technical and economic benefits of the Faraday Exchanger (FE), a Faraday Grid (FG) technology through results obtained from detailed simulations on numerous electrical networks from various countries.

Download the White Paper by Jagadeesh Gunda HERE


Electricity grids and markets: current status, problems, and opportunities for the Faraday Grid

5 December 2017

This white Paper by Dr Harry van der Weijde, the University of Edinburgh Chancellor’s Fellow finds that the current electricity system is fast approaching a breaking point and will not be able to handle higher levels of renewable energy without substantial new costs that would hit consumers. Dr van der Weijde concludes that the Faraday Grid can resolve the challenge of increasing renewable energy penetration and preventing the looming threat of doubling or tripling of longer term electricity prices. Access the white paper here (PDF)