The Faraday Exchanger

The Faraday Exchanger is our revolutionary technology hardware: the underpinning technology of the Faraday Grid - our system architecture that can deliver power from anywhere to anyone across the grid.

It is a drop-in ‘plug and play’ device that when deployed at any network connection point, can dynamically balance and smooth bi-directional power flow from highly volatile inputs across the energy system.

The Faraday Exchanger is complementary to both existing distribution networks and other technologies, improving performance and efficiency whilst being significantly cheaper than the sum of the technologies it replaces.

The key features of the Faraday Exchanger are that it can independently and simultaneously:

  • Control output and input RMS voltage, within ±25%

  • Support frequency maintenance

  • Maintain target power factor (including unity PF = 1 upstream when load PF ±0.7)

  • Remove all harmonics (tested to the 99th)

  • Independent control per phase

It makes redundant a number of other technologies and services, including transformers, tap changers, STATCOMS, harmonic filters, capacitor banks and others.

We introduced the Faraday Exchanger to the world at our global launch in Edinburgh in December 2017. Watch our short film showing a live demonstration of the Faraday Exchanger’s performance capability.

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