Faraday Grid is a private, investor backed company. In late 2016 our founders moved all the way from Australia to sunny Edinburgh with a prototype under our arms and the ambition to scoop up the best engineers, mathematicians, and physicists from Scotland’s world class academic heritage, to design and deliver the technology platform for the future energy ecosystem.

The electricity grid is the biggest human made machine in existence, and everything we produce and build and exchange relies on it working every day. By improving the performance of the grid the way our technology can, we are striving to improve all our well-being as the ultimate goal.

Our team has grown from the original founding engineer, economist, designer and accountant to include specialists in power engineering, AI, control systems, as well as supply chain, economics and communications.

We have found people keep wanting to join our company because, they not only think what we are building is pretty inspirational and at the edge of energy technology, but they also like our approach to how we do things. We have a shared set of values that guide how we work as a whole team, as smaller teams, and those we’d like to do business with. 

Our team share our mistakes so we can learn from them and ensure we don’t repeat them; we pitch our most creative ideas and theses to a forum so we can discuss their merits; and we authorise our team to explore, discover the new, and find the edges of what’s possible, and even then fall off the edge sometimes.

We believe that some of the best ideas come from people of all backgrounds and experience; and everyone’s voice is valued.

We understand the critical importance of an efficient, affordable, resilient and clean electricity system so we know we have to prove our technology to the world to earn its place as the connective tissue that brings together the energy ecosystem.

You can read more about our technical performance to date HERE.